MPA Member Companies Going Green in Canada and Around the World

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MPA Member Companies Going Green in Canada and Around the World

The six member companies of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) individually and voluntarily take on a wide variety of green initiatives throughout the entire year. We have compiled highlights of how each of the studios are bringing green-friendly policies to practice. We’ve broken them down into three streams: Sustainability at the Studios, Sustainable Productions, and Leadership in Global Awareness.


Foreign producers spent $2.6 billion in 2014/15 in Canada, and supported 54,600 Canadian jobs on an FTE basis. Significantly, U.S. producers were the source of over 70% of all Foreign Location Service (FLS) projects in Canada last year alone. Many of these productions in Canada have won prestigious environmental awards, including the Environmental Media Association’s Media Awards, the only program solely devoted to celebrating the entertainment industry’s environmental efforts; the Environmental Media Association’s Green Seal, which is a recognition program honouring progress in sustainable production. Additionally, all of our member companies are partners in the Green Production Guide, a project of the Producers Guild of America, which promotes best practices in sustainable film and television production. It is a searchable database of vendors with information about their green products, services, production experience, and location.

We’ve laid out all of the facts of our members’ sustainable production initiatives below. If you want to see one in action, Twentieth Century Fox released an exclusive video highlighting the green production efforts of the sci-fi series The X-Files (British Columbia). The video can be viewed here.

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