2022 CAFTCAD Awards Winners

We are so happy for our members who won this year’s CAFTCAD Awards. Congratulations to you all!

See the list of winners below:

Excellence in Crafts-Building

Nightmare Alley Cutting Team - Philip Atfield, Loreen Lightfoot, Carla Mingiardi, Tamiyo Tomihiro, and Ahmad Zargaran

Nightmare Alley


Costume Design in TV East – Contemporary

Shelley Mansell and the costume team: Juliann Wilding, Jo Jin, Genevieve Pearson, Angela Elter, Chantel Bedwardin

Sort Of


Costume Design in TV - Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Gersha Phillips and the costume team: Sheryl Willock, Becky Mackinnon, Carly Nicodemo, Heather Constable, Christina Cattle, Kaitlyn Fifield, Tova Harrison, Bianka Meroe, Marlena Kaesler, Ciara Brennan, Ashley McKee, Chloe Tekavcic, Malia Janveaux, Leanne Reimer, Jane Haselgrove, Tori Lang, Bonnie McCabe, David Webb, Chantelle Hermiston, Urs Dierker, James Bolton, Ray Wong, Kymn Keating, Chelsea Oliver, Tara Thompson, Melesia Llewellyn, Melanie Lian, Eyob Desalgne

Star Trek: Discovery


Costume Design in Film and TV – Period

Luis Sequeira and the costume team: Ann Steel, Suzanne Aplin, Claire Levick, Jozie Conte, Christina Cattle, Susan Nycz, Wayne Godfrey, Elayne Alexander, Rebecca McDermid,  Amy Sztulwark, Hanne Whitfield, Heather Crepp, Anita Bacic, Nathalie Gysel, Sara Schilt, Gillian Steinhardt, Cat Wadden, Tamiyo Tomihiro, Philip Atfield, Loreen Lightfoot, Carla Mingiardi, Ahmad Zargaran, Sylvie Bonniere, Jaya Ducharme, Rebecca Fowler, Judy MacDougall, Alyssa Nasvadi, Ying Zhao, Teresa Artibello, Heather Rautiainen, Meghan Ancheta, Melanie Turcotte, Tamara Rigby-Funke, Katy Clement, Bob Welsh, Debbie Williams, Jonathan Girard, Tess Barbieri, Julia Campisi, Lisa Prince, Charlotte Robertson, Sidney Sproule, Jean Wong

Nightmare Alley


Costume Design in Film and TV – International

Antoinette Messam

The Harder They Fall


Congratulations to the Night Raiders costume designer and team in the Costume Design in Film – Contemporary category with a special shoutout to our member Jennifer Lantz, who was the key breakdown artist.