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Interested in applying?

Interested in working with IATSE 873?

At IATSE 873, our goal is to provide each production in Toronto with the most skilled and experienced film technicians available in the industry. The hard work and dedication of our technicians is renowned, and the option of applying to one of many specialist departments, means you can find the right fit for your skills and experience. If your application is successful, you will first become a permit and will be able to work towards becoming a member of IATSE 873 to be part of highly skilled teams that bring motion picture productions to life on screens around the world.

To find out about the different departments in IATSE 873, visit Overview

We are accepting permit applications for Construction, Costume, Hair, SPFX and Transportation.



The first step towards working with IATSE 873 is to apply to become a permit.  You can apply to one department and when accepted, you make yourself available to take work calls in that category. These calls can be as short as one day or as long as several months, and all days worked count towards the total required to apply to become a member. Before you begin your application, make sure you match all the criteria and have the required certificates and kit for the department you are applying to.

View the full list of requirements for each department below and begin your application at the bottom of the page.



Once you have matched the criteria needed to apply for membership in the department you have been working in as a permit, you can begin the process of applying to be a member. Applications are screened by departmental committees two times per year and, once successful, can provide career enhancements which can result in senior positions in departments, access to vast member benefits, and may afford you the opportunity to work on a production from start to finish.

Already a permit and want to start your membership application?

Department Requirements

Department Requirements

Please refer to the below departments to find out the specific requirements and kit you must have in order to apply as a permit.

Steps to becoming a Permit

Steps to becoming a Permit


Create Account

After you verify your email address, you will be required to enter your personal details including name, address, date of birth (you must be at least 18 years old to apply), contact number and Social Insurance Number. This is an important step to ensure your account is not duplicated and should you forget your password, a new account will not be set up.


Create Profile

In this section, you will specify the department you are applying to and uploading your current resume in order to continue with your application.


Add Certifications

In this next step, you will be required to provide proof of certifications specific to the department you are applying to. There will be options to add both mandatory and recommended certifications. You will only be able to continue if you can provide all certifications listed within the mandatory section. You can view all department requirements in the section above.



You must confirm you have all the mandatory credentials and check any recommended you have which will be confirmed if you are successful in being screened as a permit.



You will review all the details you have provided in your application at this step. If you need to change any details or upload new documents, you can edit your application and it will take you back to the step in the process where those details or documents are provided.



In this final stage you will be required to confirm you understand and agree to the Permit Worker Policy. When you submit your application, this policy will be emailed to you. It is recommended you keep this on file for reference.

If you are ready to start your application, please click below. Once you have begun, your application will be saved at each stage.

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